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Top Ten Features - Sony a6300

Image Courtesy Sony

There’s been a lot of really cool stuff coming out. We’ve seen some mind warping coolness from many of the giants in the photographic industry. One of these recent announcements is the Sony a6300. To me this is a very, very interesting camera. Sony seems to have really pushed the envelope with this iteration. Here’s my top ten features list

1. Viewfinder Speed
The viewfinder frame rate can be set to a super speedy 120 frames per second! This is a great advancement for the world of electronic view finders. This should make an already great evf experience even more fluid and fantastic to use. Along with the fast refresh rate, you can shoot up to 8 frames per second with very minimal viewfinder blackout. Sony claims less blackout than an optical viewfinder. So if this is all true, we’re looking at an amazing shooting experience, especially for fast moving action

2. Lens Adapters
The a6300 shares many of the same capabilities as the A7rii as pertaining to the use of lens adapters. This means the world of Canon glass and getting the most out of Sony A-Mount glass becomes truly useful on this body. This really could make this a6300 work as my second body.

3. Focus System Performance
There’s 425 phase detection points built into the sensor. Not only does this make for a huge number of focus points, they cover pretty much the entire sensor area. The posts from Sony and the camera reviewers keep talking up how great this camera is at tracking focus. The focus system was my main wish list item for my A7r. While I’ve been willing to take the downsides to have the image quality at the time. Now there’s not much reason other than price to have the downsides. The A7r and this new a6300 seem to allow you to have your cake and eat it too.

4. Clean 4K Video
I’ll be the first to tell you I’m still cutting my teeth in the video world. But 4K and more importantly, good clean 4K recording is a space I really want to do more in.

5. Mic Jack
Audio is still and always has been an issue for us long time still photographers. It’s a whole new world of stuff and gear and language. I have long since figured out the built in microphones aren’t often the way to go. Great if you just need audio to sync with, but a good external mic of some kind can make a big difference in any video production. While there doesn’t seem to be a headphone jack for real serious audio, with a little trial and practice, we should be able to find the settings on our external mics the work better than not having the port at all.

6. Frame Rate
11 Frames per second is fast! And if you shoot with two eyes open you can fully utilize this power. Otherwise kick it down to 8 and enjoy the fluid goodness of then buttery smooth EVF. The big thing for me is always the buffer size. 11 frames per second is great, but how many frames can it shoot till it runs out of buffer? The camera seems to be very responsive and also very quick to read data off the sensor. It stands to reason that it should have a decent buffer. I’m one of these crazy people that will always shoot RAW files if possible.

7. Size - Smaller is Better
Having a fantastically capable still camera and a very good video camera in such a compact body can be the difference between getting the shot and not. I recently went to the Dominican Republic on a Memory Mission to serve the people down there and help build a school in a community forgotten by the local government. These people were wonderful and are excited to have a school in their community. I wasn’t there to be a photographer, I was there to bring hope and work on the building. I needed to pack very light, So my A7r, my tripods, extra lenses, etc were out. I only brought my iPad, Nex 5r, and two lenses the 10-18 and the 18-55 kit lens. While the Nex 5 is a good little camera. I don’t think I’d have missed the features of my full frame camera system nearly as much as I did if I’d have brought along something like this.

8. Rugged - Weather Sealed Magnesium Body
Weather sealing and metal construction are always much better for peace of mind. No gear is useful if you’re too afraid to take it out into the world and use it. Having good seals can make the difference not only in failure reduction, but confidence. I was working with another photographer friend of mine who was showing me the battle wounds on his big Canon bodies. They’ve been dropped pretty hard several times. (The world of the photo-journalist) and they’re still clicking away just fine. That’s the rock solid reliability we need. Can we get it from a 1K body? I hope so.

9. Silent Shooting Mode
Silent mode often comes up. How often would it be nice to have a memory of an important quiet moment, but for the loud shutter clacking away. With silent mode you don’t have to be a bother, you won’t be polluting the ambience of the event. Very nice.

10. 14 Bit Raw Files
I am sometimes a bit of a pixel peeper. I also utilize photoshop and really push the limits sometimes of what these pixels can handle. I found the real 14 bit (or 16 bit of Medium Format) can hold together better than 12 bit files. While most of time the smaller faster 12 bit files are find. When speed isn’t a big deal, I’d crank up the bit depth and have that extra layer of flexibility.

All in all this is one of the most interesting cameras to have ever come out! Size, Speed, and Performance all seem to be here. Along with solid construction, and a great price point. Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

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a6300 with Lens
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Light a Portrait with Christmas Lights

Just make sure to get your subject pretty close to the lights, open up your lens wide and crank up that ISO settings. Same as you would for any low light shooting. With todays digital cameras you can make amazing images in this kind of light. Why not give it a try today.


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Halloween 2014

It’s almost Halloween again. My kids are so very excited. I thought I’d write a quick post about the images for this year and how they were captured and processed. But first, the images. You can see my Harry Potter above. We also have Cleopatra, Zorro, A Rose, An Iris, and a Baby Skeleton. DSC05712-Edit



They’re cute aren’t they. I have received many questions as to what I used to shoot these pictures. The camera as we all know doesn’t matter nearly as much as the light. So let’s start there. I put a really inexpensive flash on a stand and triggered it with an equally cheap wireless flash trigger. They’re both Chinese electronics purchased on amazon. It’s just a simple manual hotshoe flash branded Neewer. Here’s a link to Amazon. The remote triggers are here. Pop these on a stand and put the trigger on your camera and you’re set. (You can have someone hold the flash if you have willing minions around)

For the images in the desert.

ISO 50
Lens either my 85 2.8 or my 24-70 F4

The shutter speed is slower to sync with the flash. The F stop is smaller (Bigger Number) to help tone down the sun. I wanted the background darker than the subject.

Welcome Darrin Johnson

I’d like to welcome to the reflectedpixel gallery Darrin Johnson of Wasatch Reflections.
Darrin is a very talented photographer with a unique style. Darrin photographs all around the wasatch front and also gets out beyond those constraints to the surrounding states. His images are now found throughout the galleries.
You can search for Darrin on the gallery and you’ll see a collection of his works. I’ve also saved this very search. Click here to be taken to the gallery.

Here are just a few of Darrin’s amazing images!

reflectedpixel: Landscapes &emdash; D.J. reflectedpixel: Landscapes &emdash; Lightning 1 D.J. reflectedpixel: LDS Temples &emdash; D.J.

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reflectedpixel: Landscapes &emdash; Swirling Sea reflectedpixel: Landscapes &emdash; Desert Horseshoe

Infrared Light in the Forest


This time of year I sometimes have a chance to go through some of my past images. Sometimes an image jumps out at you and you wonder why you didn’t see it the first time you went through the images after the shoot. This is one of those images. I think the feeling evoked by this image is what it’s all about.

reflectedpixel: Landscapes &emdash; Beam
Link to the gallery Click Here

Sony A7r - The Future

The new Sony A7r and A7 - I have one of these on order. I’m excited to get my hands on this camera.

Going Back

It’s that time of year again when we are transitioning from fall to winter. For me, it’s not one of the most picturesque seasons. I think of it as one of the eight seasons, this one being the almost winter season, soon we’ll have a short break from the road construction seasons and snow will fill in the potholes for a while. When the cold snowy blanket of winter sets in I seem to get out and photograph more.
While I’m inside a bit more, I have been trying to reorganize my photo libraries. I’ve recently been moving offices and no longer have a place at my work to store my artwork and life away from home, it’s been a bit of a challenge to organize my home office in such a way that it all will fit and I can still work. The other problem with reorganizing digital files is I’m so easily side tracked. Here I’ll show you my latest side tracking... I paused to look again at some Hawaii images. I found another one I really liked. Here it is.
Link to the gallery
This image seems to have motion in it, also things are getting cold around here and it makes me feel warm, But the swirling circular feel of the sea water on the rocks is what caught my eye. The pale sky before the sunrise helps to keep the balance.
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Mountain Rock – Mt. Timpanogos LDS Temple


Click the image to see it larger.

Here’s a little bit of a cooler image for you during the warm months.