Antelope Canyon

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Long Time Coming - Photographic Dreams
As you may know, my father was a professional photographer. He did portraits and a lot of weddings. We used a wonderful lab named Snelsons in Springville, UT. They’re still there today. When I was about ten years old I went into their lobby for some reason and they had put up some amazing prints of sandstone formations. They took away my breath and I wanted to make something like that too. Well, it’s been a long time since then. I’m much older and have come a long way photographically. I had never fulfilled that long time wish to see those amazing patterns and shapes and most importantly, light that can be found in the Upper Antelope Canyon on the Navajo Nation near Page, AZ - Very close to Lake Powell.

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More to Come
Enjoy the slideshow below and be sure to checkout my landscape photographic gallery here to see more. Antelope Canyon really is a unique, special place. You feel it when you first step into the mountain and the way the light filters and reflects down along with the beautiful and serene patterns make for a sublime experience. It’s worth the time and cost to visit. More on photographing here in a future post. Stay tuned.