Photography by Jon Adams

Halloween 2014

It’s almost Halloween again. My kids are so very excited. I thought I’d write a quick post about the images for this year and how they were captured and processed. But first, the images. You can see my Harry Potter above. We also have Cleopatra, Zorro, A Rose, An Iris, and a Baby Skeleton. DSC05712-Edit



They’re cute aren’t they. I have received many questions as to what I used to shoot these pictures. The camera as we all know doesn’t matter nearly as much as the light. So let’s start there. I put a really inexpensive flash on a stand and triggered it with an equally cheap wireless flash trigger. They’re both Chinese electronics purchased on amazon. It’s just a simple manual hotshoe flash branded Neewer. Here’s a link to Amazon. The remote triggers are here. Pop these on a stand and put the trigger on your camera and you’re set. (You can have someone hold the flash if you have willing minions around)

For the images in the desert.

ISO 50
Lens either my 85 2.8 or my 24-70 F4

The shutter speed is slower to sync with the flash. The F stop is smaller (Bigger Number) to help tone down the sun. I wanted the background darker than the subject.