Photography by Jon Adams

Aug 2011

Updated Image "Covenant" Timpanogos Temple


As an artist your technique, style, and technology changes as you grow and learn in your craft along with the passage of time and what is inspiring you at that point in your life. For a long time I was nervous about posting an image for sale because of worrying I might want to finish it again or change certain things. I have learned that at least in the art photography world this is a common feeling. As an artist I will adjust, tweak, or alter my images as I see fit. I'm not talking about major drastic changes in most cases, maybe just a change is density or sharpness. Also printing tech and software technology marches along at an incredible rate. Very often this technological advancement allows me to produce higher quality and more pleasing images that match my vision of what the artwork should look like. I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on this process and post this image that I have recently tweaked, I feel this image is more polished and pretty than it has ever been before, and I have loved it from the beginning, the symbolism of covenants through the rainbow and temple have a special place in my life. As you look thorough my images or any image, it's what you feel when you view that make or breaks and image. That is why there are so many different styles of art in the world.
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Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple art


I have been completely captivated with the wonderful sculpted clouds that have been decorating our skies these last several weeks. This day was like many of these with wonderful clouds up in the air. I have been wanting to shoot Oquirrh Mountain Temple in the evening with the sun behind it for a while. When I setup my tripod I soon realized the clouds were actually going to be somewhat of a problem, they were really moving! Why is this a problem you ask? I am shooting HDR imagery which means you have to take several images back to back with different exposures and then combine them into one. This process is trickier when things are moving such as clouds etc. My Idaho Falls shoot was much the same. On the up side, with the clouds moving so rapidly, you just had to wait five minutes if something wasn't right in the sky to get the next shot.

What's next for me? I have been wanting to get up north to Brigham City, Bountiful, maybe Logan. I'm also planning another walk around the Salt Lake Temple.
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Manti LDS Temple Sunrise Shoot


Here is my pic of the week. I just love this image. It's an infrared HDR image of the Manti, Utah LDS Temple. I'm sure most of the readers of this blog are familiar with this building and where it's located. As you know it's up on a pretty good sized hill. The north side is currently the entrance but the west side doors were the original main entrance and there used to be a giant set of steps going all the way down the hill. For some reason the west side view is my favorite. Most of the images I see around are the south side of the temple. It's the easiest view to get the temple in the frame as you are standing either right next to the temple shooting up or are down a hill looking up. Some kind of helicopter camera would be nice to get some higher angles.

New Blog post at CAP about the rugged camera

I've been carrying this little rugged lumix around with me everywhere I go. Here is a users review.

Infrared Photography at High Noon

DSC5456 Edit

One thing I've often thought about is how to shoot images while the light is not optimal. Why shoot then you ask? That is when life is happening. If you are on vacation with the family you can't always get to where you might like when you like. One other thing is the places you want to see are often closed during the magic hours of the day. So we need to be able to get really good images even when the light isn't perfect. OK, so that was a really long explanation for what I want to talk about in this post. Infrared Photography.

DSC5591 Edit

By shooting with an infrared modified camera you can get some pretty amazing surreal shots even when the light isn't great. In fact I quite like the way it lights up the plants and pushes the skies dark. So Pretty simple, Shoot infrared. Often time you can convert to black and white to help you out in harsh lit situations as well.

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DSC 3275 76 77 78 79 80 81 EditDSC 3175 HDR Edit

Shooting Waterfalls in Bad Light

I'ts been a little while for me and the blog. I just got back from a wonderful family trip to Bend, Oregon. Going up there I thought there would be some waterfalls in the area to go see. There are more than I imagined. It was difficult to choose. Since I had my whole family with me an intense hike super early in the morning wasn't going to work. So we set on Tumalo Falls. It's an easy hike (This view is literally no hike at all) and it was pretty close too.

What to do with bald skies, harsh light partialy blasting and partially casting shadows on your subject. This is a real trick to shoot. I wanted a couple second exposure to get the smooth water look and was hoping to keep detail in both the highlights and the shadows. HDR to the rescue. I was shooting through two neutral density filters and a polorizer to cut down the light and get my exposure long. I'm realy liking my giant Induro tripod, it is solid as a rock! So I shot several brackets  Watching the highlight warning and histograms to make sure I captured detail where I wanted it. Toss it into Nik HDR Efex pro and see what comes out. HDR is a high noon landscape shooter's best friend. It allows us to get some cool and interesting shots where we simply couldn't with a single exposure.



BW HDR Tumalo FallsTumalo Falls HDR
DSC 2155 HDRTumalo Falls Away