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Aug 2012

Sony Nex-5r

Well folks, The next Nex is here! Some wonderful updates. Apps are a reality and autofocus looks to be great! You all know I'm already a fan of the Nex-5n. There have been just a few things I'd have liked to have in this little camera.

Top Updates (according to me)

AF has been updated and looks to be on par with the best AF systems out there. This camera is now able to do more than it used to because of this. Catching running toddlers and fast moving objects with the Auto Focus looks to be similar to it's larger ancestors the SLR cameras. My wife will be very happy about this, as she doesn't enjoy the challenge of Manual Focus like I do. You also can shoot 10 frames per second while tracking focus. I very much welcome this addition. It cancels out most of the issues people have had with the Nex cameras. I think lens manufactures will take note. I'm thinking 2013 is the year of the Nex.

We've (as in me and my buddies) have been wishing they'd make some kind of add ons available for years. Poloroid has Android and now Nikon does. No one but Sony has apps on a camera with changeable lenses. Granted, it's not open like Android. But welcome nonetheless. I'm looking forward to the remote control. I want to perch my camera in various places, such as up on a 30ft pole to get a different angle on a building. You'll be able to both see what your shooting and trigger the shutter with your iPhone or Droid. Next, they mentioned a pro-bracketing app. Sony has been putting in the most pathetic bracketing options in their cameras for a while. We've been wishing we could do some real bracketing with our Sonys, It's here.

I'm a big user of Eye-fi cards. I love having my images jump wirelessly to my phone, iPad, or computer. The downside is that this functionality is limited to the specific card. That means limited space and the cards are slow. (Only Class 6) So with wifi I'll be able to use any of my big fast cards and I don't have to choose between my big fast cards or my ability to upload. Along with the connectivity to devices and directly to the web. This will make it nice.

I've not had any trouble with the interface of the Nex-5n. But I welcome the added function button and dial on top of the camera. I think this is a wonderful addition.

Overall, I'm excited to see what the Nex-6 and Nex-8? or Nex-9? is going to be like. I really like the idea of having a very high resolution Nex for landscapes or whatever you might need a huge file for. And a nice little 16 megapixel camera with good low light abilities for the times when you need that. If I were you, I'd start saving my pennies now. The gear lust is coming. I hope to get my hands on one of these to try out. I hope you do too.

If you're interested in pre-ordering the Nex-5r from Amazon, Here is a link
Sony Nex-5r Preorder

Super Cool Cheap Flash Mod

Just a quick link to an awesome idea very well excecuted.
I've been having a little bit of flashing pain with the Nex-7 and flashes. The Nex-7 just doesn't have hardly any control for TTL flashes. I use the Pixel King remotes, the TTL works great but you have abseloutly no control of output. The in camera flash compensation does nothing. So something like this would save money on flashes, not having to buy the expensive Sony HVL-58AM or HVL-43. (I already have one of each) they are nice and I'm not planning on getting rid of them, I just wish I could control the power of the flash from my camera. This little mod will do just that. I'm going to get one and give it a try. I'll let you know how it works out.

Here are the links to the different pieces on Amazon.

RX-100 & Nex-7 Combined?

Sensor Size

How many pixels do you want?

I've been looking at the new little RX-100 camera. So far nothing but rave reviews. You can get one here if you like. Amazon RX-100 It seems to me like Sony has done something amazing here with this little 1" sensor. It's a 20 megapixel or 13.2x8.8mm sensor and APS=C sensor is right around 23x15.2 or so. Now the RX-100 does a pretty good job at higher ISO levels especially considering how small the pixels physically are. So here's my thought. Why not take this sensor and scale it up to be the Nex-9 Sensor. They could even use pixel binning (Combining Pixels into one) to help with higher ISO levels giving us cleaner smaller resolution images. So what happens if we take the specs of the RX-100 and scale it up?

Here's the math part.

RX-100 is 5472x3648 or 5472 pixels on the 13.2mm side of the sensor about 414 pixels per millimeter. If we take an APS-C Sensor and do the math 23.5mm times 414 is 9729 on the long side and 414 times 15.2 is 6292 on the short side. making for a grand total of just over 61 megapixels. Would it be a low light genius? Not likely although pixel binning is showing great possibilities to help with this. It would be fantastic as a landscape, or advertising camera. Even a high end portrait camera. For me, I'd love it. I keep the ISO as low as possible. With the success of the ultra resolution of the D800 I think something like this would sell. I know I'd buy one.

Note: I know you're curious a full frame 24x36mm sensor would work out to be 14904x9936 or 148 Megapixels. I know resolution isn't by an means what makes an image or a camera. I tend to print very large prints and I would certainly have fun with such a camera as the one described here.

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