Photography by Jon Adams

Jun 2012

Sony RX100 Worth the Hype?

The camera to rule them.
Recently the super portable yet amazing Sony RX100 Digital Camera climbed to the very top of all camera sales on Amazon US. Truly this is a camera people want. Tiny footprint, Big sensor, Nice Fast 1.8 glass, Amazing image quality, Huge Megapixel Count, Full 1080p Video, and a good price. I'm somewhat smitten by the little beauty myself.

You can find the technical details anywhere, Here's my take on what's hot with this camera

It's like a Nex camera. It seems like camera manufacturers hold back when putting out the camera. I know I feel this way with my Nex-7 often. Why is the bracketing so dumb? anyway, This camera does more than nearly all the other cameras in it's category.

True Full Manual and pro Modes P,S,A,M – The most amazing hardware in the world becomes useless if you don't have control.

Fast lens – 1.8 when zoomed out shortens depth of field and opens up the world of indoor shooting.

ISO 6400 – Did I mention people want to use their cameras indoors at parties and other events

1080p 60 Video – Don't settle for less, the video looks great from what I've seen.

Megapixels to spare or to crop – Having plenty of room to crop in can make a short lens long

RAW Files – Must have for any serious shooter

Speed – Fast AF and up to 10 Frames Per Second. You don't always need the speed but when you do, it's sure nice to have

Steady Shot – Sony's rendition of stabilization works very well and helps get you sharp shots.

Metal Body – I love the feel of a good solid camera, big or small.

If you're looking for a very portable camera with professional features, this is for you. These will be hard to come by for a while yet with the demand being off the charts.


Pixel King Flash Controller for Sony. Nex-7


Pocket Wizard for Sony Nex-7
I've been wanting a pocket wizard TTL for my Nex-7 for a while now. Well, still waiting for the Wizards. There is an alternative and for me, they work just as good. They are much less expensive too. They're made by a company called Pixel. They are the King wireless transmitters. They make them for Sony, Nikon, and Canon. At first I though the high speed sync didn't work on the Nex-7, but now, thanks to one of my readers, I know that high speed sync does work if everything is setup right. With my Nikon and Wizards it pretty much always worked assuming the camera was in auto FP mode. With the Sony you have to have the flash head forward and you cannot have your camera in rear curtain sync mode. I have always just left my cameras in rear curtain sync mode in case I wanted to slow down the shutter speed. With these you'll have to make the choice, do I want rear sync or fast sync. It does work in slow sync mode which seems maybe a little funny, But I'll have to test this particular camera to see when the flash fires in it's slow mode, front, rear, or in the middle somewhere. If slow fires at the end of the exposure, I'll put my camera in that mode most of the time.


The King transmitters and receivers seem to be built very well, they feel about the same as the wizards. Both transmitter and receiver take AA batteries, a plus in my opinion. The receiver has a 1/4-20 metal thread in it for easy mounting to stands and monopods. They also come with a small tether, very useful if you're firing non hotshoe strobes. They each have a PC port included for this purpose. You can select channels and groups right on the unit itself. I had to do a firmware update for these to work with the Nex-7, it's a windows only program. I ran it through parallels desktop and didn't have any issues at all. I'm hoping to get one more flash unit soon, we'll see how the groups work.

Overall I'm impressed with the capabilities, build quality, and price of these units. Very much a Pocket Wizard alternative and if you're a Sony shooter, there are no wizards. So a great little product for a good price.