Photography by Jon Adams

May 2012

Salt Lake LDS Temple Billboards are up!


Hello everyone!
I have some exciting news! First the back story. I was at work one day and I got an email from my contact page on my website. It was from a Bonneville Communications. The company that takes care of the broadcasting of conference and I'm sure a lot of other things for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He told me they were interested in licensing one of my images for church use on a billboard along I-15. We were able to agree on the terms and it all came together quite quickly. Those folks over at Bonneville Communications run a class act and do a fantastic job. Not only that, they are very considerate of the people they work with, Like me. For instance today, (The day I'm writing this) just to make sure everything went well for me and to let me know the billboard is now up.

I was curious how they would utilize this image on a billboard. It being a vertical tall shot. I think they did a wonderful job and it's not something I've seen done before with something like this.

This image of the Salt Lake Temple I think conveys many of the things I try to communicate through my images. There are a lot of amazing images and paintings of the temples, especially the Salt Lake Temple. It's a major icon of the LDS Church. What I'm looking for when capturing the images isn't just a clean capture, a great shot. I'm hoping that whoever sees my images can feel something, something of the joy of the eternities, or the peace that comes with knowing truth, or the glory and majesty of creation. It's the emotional connection that really makes an image work.

I'd like to thank Bonneville Communications, Ken and John over there are wonderful people. I'd also like to thank all of you who read this blog or follow me on social networks. You Rock! So folks get out there and go see the billboard and visit Temple Square, take in the history and be amazed.
Jon Adams

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Nex-7 Adobe Camera RAW Calibration Presets

Screen Shot 2012 05 07 at 7 16 21 AM

Nex-7 Rocks!

It's no secret that I love my Nex-7 from Sony. This little camera has helped re-energize my love of photography. It's paramount in me having a very capable camera with me all the time. (almost all the time) Naturally there are things I wish for and hope for with the next release of this amazing camera. Or even firmware release. But overall I'm in love with this little thing. One pain I've been having is with Lightroom 4 and ACR. Yes, I shoot mostly in RAW. I often shoot in RAW + JPEG mode so I can use the jpeg files instantly with my iPhone or iPad. What happens if you shoot in RAW + JPEG mode when you import into Lightroom? You see your JPEG image at first until Lightroom can process the RAW file and render it's own preview. What happens then is sort of Scary! your image goes from a pretty nice looking file to the raw data and it's not nearly as pretty. See image below.

Screen Shot 2012 05 07 at 7 16 31 AM

So we went from about there to where do I start? With most Nikons or Canons I've used, I'd simply go to develop, Camera Calibration and change profiles. The problem? There are no profiles for this camera from Adobe. With a little coaxing you can bring the sliders to where the image will sing to you. But I really try hard to get my settings close in camera. Well, a quick google search brought me to a website from someone named Maurizio Piraccini who has made a bunch of Calibration Profiles for us, The profiles are exactly what you'd expect and work perfectly! Here's a link. Click Here. Download these and try them out. There are also profiles for the Sony Nex-5n the Sony Nex-C3 along with the Nex-7 and many other Sony Digital Cameras. It's so much nicer to start with what you saw in camera as you made your adjustment or at least close to that. You can then save these as part of a preset and apply that to your images on import. Save a bunch of time and gets you back out shooting fast. I've recorded a little video for you. See Below. Thanks for visiting

Sony 70-400 G on Sony Nex-7

I recently had a chance to rent the 70-400mm G series Super Telephoto Lens from I had the lens for a weekend and shot a few kids soccer games with it. I also took the opportunity to make a short video look at the lens, how it focuses and handles. Here they are Part 1 we look at the lens and how it feels. Part 2 is just a look through some of the images and my thoughts after using it for a couple days.





I've been looking at this lens for a while. I really wanted to try it out. I had a coupon code for that was about to expire so I decided to try out this lens for a weekend when both my two little boys had soccer games back to back. I have been shooting them with my 18-200 and it does a decent job on the younger game with it's smaller field. But it falls short with the older boys larger field. You just have to wait for the action to get closer. Also the contrast focus is slow for sports, even at this level. 

This 70-400 lens on the LA-E2 did a good job. The focusing is much faster than the standard contrast detection system due to the phase detect translucent mirror system in the LA-E2. Putting such a large lens on such a little camera was a little strange at first.