Photography by Jon Adams

Nov 2013

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reflectedpixel: Landscapes &emdash; Swirling Sea reflectedpixel: Landscapes &emdash; Desert Horseshoe

Infrared Light in the Forest


This time of year I sometimes have a chance to go through some of my past images. Sometimes an image jumps out at you and you wonder why you didn’t see it the first time you went through the images after the shoot. This is one of those images. I think the feeling evoked by this image is what it’s all about.

reflectedpixel: Landscapes &emdash; Beam
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Sony A7r - The Future

The new Sony A7r and A7 - I have one of these on order. I’m excited to get my hands on this camera.

Going Back

It’s that time of year again when we are transitioning from fall to winter. For me, it’s not one of the most picturesque seasons. I think of it as one of the eight seasons, this one being the almost winter season, soon we’ll have a short break from the road construction seasons and snow will fill in the potholes for a while. When the cold snowy blanket of winter sets in I seem to get out and photograph more.
While I’m inside a bit more, I have been trying to reorganize my photo libraries. I’ve recently been moving offices and no longer have a place at my work to store my artwork and life away from home, it’s been a bit of a challenge to organize my home office in such a way that it all will fit and I can still work. The other problem with reorganizing digital files is I’m so easily side tracked. Here I’ll show you my latest side tracking... I paused to look again at some Hawaii images. I found another one I really liked. Here it is.
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This image seems to have motion in it, also things are getting cold around here and it makes me feel warm, But the swirling circular feel of the sea water on the rocks is what caught my eye. The pale sky before the sunrise helps to keep the balance.
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