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Nex-7 Time Lapse Controller

Time lapse interval shooting for Sony Nex cameras. This little controller can do it.

Sony Nex-7 Little Known Features

Sony Nex-7 Little Known Features

Perhaps you are just curious about the Sony Nex-7 Ultra Compact System Camera. It's intriguing for sure. I was on the fence for quite a while. While I liked the idea and the size, the image quality and feature set of the compact system cameras on the market just weren't up to par with DSLRs. I think the Sony Nex-7 changes this feeling. It utilizes a fantastic APS-C sensor. Yep, the same size as in most DSLRs. And it has the control and build quality a demanding photographer wants/needs. The Nex-7 gives you quick control of all crucial settings and even things where I'd have to have gone to the menu system on my DSLR to get at. I am falling in love with this little Sony. It's a joy to carry and use. Image quality is superb. I just printed a couple 16x24s and the detail is fantastic. Soon I'll be printing some at 24x36. I'm excited to see where the next crop of Compact System Cameras take us. No doubt they are now going to start putting the pressure on the old school DSLR systems.

Sorry for the tangent. The video shows some of the navigation and control features of the Sony Nex-7. Most of these weren't shown in the video's and reviews I've been reading and watching.

Photography Basics ISO Part 1 and 2

ISO Speed is one of three basic things you need to grasp all of photography. The three things are Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed. All current photography and old photography relies on these three principles. ISO being used for the sensitivity to light of the medium to be exposed.

In recent years ISO has been a major focus of digital camera manufacturers. It's amazing how far they have been able to push the technology, and how useful it is. Please enjoy the video.

Part 1

Part 2

Sony Nex-7 Accessories

I've been posting some videos about the Sony Nex-7 Compact System Camera sometimes called mirror less cameras. I really am liking this little powerhouse of a camera. I've been getting some questions as to links to where I got my accessories. So I've put together a list of links from mostly amazon. (I really like amazon prime) So here you go. I'll likely update this list as I find more accessories.

Sony Nex-7 Accessories Links

AC Power Adapters

Non Sony Brand

Sony Brand

Hotshoe Adapter

Digital Slave

Semi Hard LCD Cover

Sony Hotshoe Flash

Sony Nex Lens Mount Adapter