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Sony 70-400 G on Sony Nex-7

I recently had a chance to rent the 70-400mm G series Super Telephoto Lens from I had the lens for a weekend and shot a few kids soccer games with it. I also took the opportunity to make a short video look at the lens, how it focuses and handles. Here they are Part 1 we look at the lens and how it feels. Part 2 is just a look through some of the images and my thoughts after using it for a couple days.





I've been looking at this lens for a while. I really wanted to try it out. I had a coupon code for that was about to expire so I decided to try out this lens for a weekend when both my two little boys had soccer games back to back. I have been shooting them with my 18-200 and it does a decent job on the younger game with it's smaller field. But it falls short with the older boys larger field. You just have to wait for the action to get closer. Also the contrast focus is slow for sports, even at this level. 

This 70-400 lens on the LA-E2 did a good job. The focusing is much faster than the standard contrast detection system due to the phase detect translucent mirror system in the LA-E2. Putting such a large lens on such a little camera was a little strange at first.