Photography by Jon Adams


How To Order

One of the most common question I get is “Do you sell prints of your images?” The answer is YES! I do sell individual prints among other wall ready art for you from the website. The shopping cart needs to be accessed from a computer. The mobile site that works great for viewing on a phone etc doesn’t yet support shopping. ( I know, it really needs this feature) 
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Step 1. Click on an image you like. It should get big and in the right hand corner you should see the buy button. Choose Select Product.

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2. Select a category. 
•Prints will be just that. Prints in various sizes. - Frames are available in the checkout process if you so desire.
•Showcase has many options to choose from such as Acrylic, Canvas Wraps, Metal, and Glass Prints. The Metal Murals and Canvas wraps have been particularly popular lately
•Specialty has some phone/iPad cases, and glass cutting boards
When you select a product a description is available on the right hand side

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3. There are options for many of the products. Prints are available in two surfaces. One is a satin E-Surface the other is Fuji Pearl which is a glossy semi metallic surface I like a lot.

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4. View Cart and Checkout.
The shopping cart is in the upper right hand corner of the screen and can be viewed at any time. Frame Styles can be previewed by clicking the frame it button in the shopping cart near the small image you’ve selected.

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I appreciate your comments and support. Thanks for viewing my imagery.
I’ll also send a digital wallpaper file with every order. You can use these for your desktop or phone backgrounds and / or slideshow
Thank you
rPix - Jon Adams

Logan Utah Temple – In Every Footstep

In Every Footstep
Logan Utah LDS Temple

I am amazed by the pioneer temples. When I think about the dedication of time and materials it would have taken to build something like this magnificent building, I’m humbled by the relative easiness I live and breath and stay warm. These buildings truly stand as a witness to the faith of those early pioneers and their love for their savior.

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Jon Adams

Arise and Shine Forth Oquirrh Mountain Temple Art

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I always love the feeling of publishing a new image to my
gallery. I captured this image in the summer of 2011. I’ve just now been doing some file organization and noticed the potential in this image. Being inspired a little by the LDS Youth theme for 2012 “Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations” (Doctrine and Covenants 115:5). The Oquirrh Mountain Temple really rises out of it’s surroundings and seems very tall and stalwart. The way the sun is shining so brightly in this image portrays how brightly we can shine when we rise up and be the people God knows we can be.

This particular day was great for shooting largely due to the great clouds soaring overhead. These clouds were moving very quickly. Shooting HDR sets was a challenge even on high speed mode because of so much movement in the sky. This image started in Lightroom 4, where it was tone mapped in Nik HDR FX Pro 2 and then into Photoshop for some dodging and burning.

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