Photography by Jon Adams


Sony AVCHD video in Lightroom 4 Beta

Problems Solved!

I have had one enduring problem with certain video files for the last several years. I've been carrying a little panasonic indestructible point and shoot camera. First it was the TS1 and now I have the TS3. As of late, I'm loving the Sony Nex-5n and I have a Nex-7 on order, I hope it gets here soon! Now these cameras are fantastic cameras and they have the ability to shoot very nice video too. However, the video they shoot is in the AVCHD format and that hasn't always played nicely with Aperture and Lightroom. So in order to see the videos you shot in the AVCHD format you'd have to bring in the files through some translating program.

What I did and What I want.

I want to keep my video and still images together, for the most part. Aside from specific projects. So what i've had to do is save the original files manually from the camera card. Then convert the files into a format viewable by the software programs I use. Import the converted video with the stills. Then later if I want to do much with the video, I'd have to convert the video specifically for the output, unless the small videos I converted were sufficient for the project or slideshow. Often I just would like all my media to import and let me look through it to decide what I want to do with it.

Enter Lightroom 4 Beta, I didn't know it would be so wonderful, I put in a card from my Sony Nex camera, and the Lightroom import window popped up as usual. I imported my images, and to my surprise, video files were showing up in the library. Are these my movie files? I thought to my self, Are they in their original format?… Why yes, Lightroom 4 is reading my native video files right off the card and bringing everything in. Just as it should be. I no longer have to remember if I shot video on the card and check for it separately. I can just pop in the card and let everything come into Lightroom. Fantastic!

Here is a quick video so you can see.
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