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Logan Mystery

I enjoy visiting the Temple Grounds at night. These structures and the lighting involved is inspiring. Sometimes exposure is difficult to set at night due to the extreme contrast and difference in light temperatures between light sources. So take a lot of different brackets and be sure to shoot in raw so you can adjust the white balance to achieve the desired result.

New Products in LDS Temple Art Gallery

It's now the holiday season, and it feels like it outside. It sure got cold around here quickly. I just wanted to post about a few new things here at The first is about the all new gallery wraps. I've had a need to change where I get the stretcher bars from. Don't worry these new bars are every bit as high quality as you expect from me. I can now offer some more sizes and have been able to lower the prices of the smaller wraps slightly, just in time for the holidays. The 16x24 and smaller wraps are now 1.25 inches deep. I offer 8x12 all the way up to 16x24 in this format. Here is an image of one I made recently.

Gallery Wrap Standard LG

As you can see, totally beautiful.
For the larger wraps, the width is still 1.75 inches deep and they are on very thick frames. Here is an image for you.

Gallery Wrap Pro LG

In addition to the new gallery wraps, I've also added some new sizes of prints for you to enjoy. 8x10 and 8x12s are just $25. We have metallic prints (these look truly stunning) along with the standout prints. Please tell your friends about these incredible Temple Images at great prices.

Here is a link to the gallery.

Thank you
Jon Adams