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Logan Utah LDS Temple

Logan Mystery

I enjoy visiting the Temple Grounds at night. These structures and the lighting involved is inspiring. Sometimes exposure is difficult to set at night due to the extreme contrast and difference in light temperatures between light sources. So take a lot of different brackets and be sure to shoot in raw so you can adjust the white balance to achieve the desired result.

Logan Utah Temple – In Every Footstep

In Every Footstep
Logan Utah LDS Temple

I am amazed by the pioneer temples. When I think about the dedication of time and materials it would have taken to build something like this magnificent building, I’m humbled by the relative easiness I live and breath and stay warm. These buildings truly stand as a witness to the faith of those early pioneers and their love for their savior.

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Jon Adams

Stand in Holy Places - New Image – Logan Utah LDS Temple


Stand in Holy Places

I’m excited to release this image! Finally I’ve finished another image of the Logan Utah LDS Temple. Logan is quite a bit further away for me and I don’t have a lot of business up in that area so I don’t find myself wandering around the grounds there as much as I’d like. I captured this image on a very very cold day. (Seems to be cold every time I’ve been in Logan) I love how simple and clean this image is. The pioneers who sacrifices so much to build this magnificent building are honored by it’s beauty and endurance all these years. Click the image to see it larger in a new window.

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