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Shooting Waterfalls in Bad Light

I'ts been a little while for me and the blog. I just got back from a wonderful family trip to Bend, Oregon. Going up there I thought there would be some waterfalls in the area to go see. There are more than I imagined. It was difficult to choose. Since I had my whole family with me an intense hike super early in the morning wasn't going to work. So we set on Tumalo Falls. It's an easy hike (This view is literally no hike at all) and it was pretty close too.

What to do with bald skies, harsh light partialy blasting and partially casting shadows on your subject. This is a real trick to shoot. I wanted a couple second exposure to get the smooth water look and was hoping to keep detail in both the highlights and the shadows. HDR to the rescue. I was shooting through two neutral density filters and a polorizer to cut down the light and get my exposure long. I'm realy liking my giant Induro tripod, it is solid as a rock! So I shot several brackets  Watching the highlight warning and histograms to make sure I captured detail where I wanted it. Toss it into Nik HDR Efex pro and see what comes out. HDR is a high noon landscape shooter's best friend. It allows us to get some cool and interesting shots where we simply couldn't with a single exposure.



BW HDR Tumalo FallsTumalo Falls HDR
DSC 2155 HDRTumalo Falls Away