Photography by Jon Adams


Sony Nex-5n Studio Camera?

Maybe you want to play with flashes a little more, but don't feel like buying a different camera. Perhaps you just want to have a way to shoot with it in a pinch if some of your other equipment breaks down. Whatever the reason, you can sync your Sony Nex-5n with studio strobes. You just need a Digital Slave. An optical slave that ignores the pre flashes the camera emits. This video shows one model that works well.

Sony Nex Accessories

Whenever you change a camera or in my case a camera system there's a ripple effect that goes through much of your gear. Most things can be repurposed. Sometimes they need to be sold as they are camera specific. But getting the right accessories for the images you want to make can be a lot of fun. Here are a couple videos of the first things I've added to my Sony Cameras.