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I'm a fourth generation photographer. I grew up at weddings assisting my Dad & Mom. I could change medium format film before I could read & write. I learned my numbers labeling film rolls. I was so fascinated with taking pictures my dad put in place some limits and rules as to how much film I could use. Since he was a professional photographer, it seemed like the film was endless. I soon learned how to see the picture before I took it. A great skill to have, even in today's world of huge memory cards.

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Nature Photography Gallery

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This gallery is all about the outdoors. I love adventures out under the sun & stars.

Latter Day Saint Temple Gallery

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I have always liked doing architechture work. Just so happens the Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are wonderful subjects, and they are special places to many of us.

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Abuelo Skies

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I've lived and worked throughout the southwest. In the rural parts of the country, you often will see abandoned, forgotten, and unusual relics of the past. This is a collection of images I've made at such places.

Do you like photography? I do too, surprise! Let's connect and talk about photography.

Fine Art Printing

I print most of the art I sell. I have always loved print-making. Seeing your artwork big on the wall making people happy is a wonderful thing

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